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Hunter Cattle Beef Recipes

At Hunter Cattle we believe the key to a great meal is incredible ingredients and proven recipes. The list below includes some of our favorite beef recipes in our family, we hope you enjoy!

How to cook HC Burger Patties

How to Cook HC Burger Patties:  Thaw patties to room temp. Pat a couple of times, make a small indention in the middle of the patty with two fingers. On an electric skillet Cook at 350o for 10 minutes then flip the patties over.  Cook for 8 minutes on the second side....

HC Flank Steak Roll Ups

HC Flank Steak Roll Ups Impress your guests with this delicious flank steak roll up. Ingredients: 1 (2 pound) beef flank steak ½ cup of your favorite marinade 8 ounces thinly sliced provolone cheese 4 slices thick cut bacon 1/2 cup fresh kale, spinach or cabbage...

Skirt Steak Fajitas

Skirt Steak Fajitas Skirt steak is the perfect to have "Fajita Night" for your family dinner. Ingredients: *1 lb of Grassfed Skirt Steak – Marinate in your favorite seasoning overnight Abby J’s Blackhawk Chipotle Roasted Garlic Salsa 1 Large Organic Onion 1 Organic...

Nutrients Booster

Nutrients Booster Recipe A simple recipe that is great for boosting your immune system! Ingredients: Coconut Oil (big spoonful or two) Kale (bundle) Chard (bundle) You may also add carrots, celery, and onion Pressed Garlic (as much as you can handle b/c it is so good...

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Nothing like having a rascal pig (a biggun at that) break out and be in the millet field and although you are in your church clothes you have to get on your boots and herd him back in. Craziest thing: see Forrest beside that fence? That crazy pig jumped/climbed over it and put himself back in!!!! These farm animals never cease to amaze me. ... See MoreSee Less

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Today in the boro we are celebrating Mr. Steve Chester. Everyone gets $3 off skirt steaks and if you say "We love Mr. Steve" you get 15% off the rest of your purchase. We sure love you too Mrs. Debra. The Main Street Statesboro Farmers Market ... See MoreSee Less

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