Hunter Cattle Company 


At Hunter Cattle we stand by our family, our farm and our vision for a sustainable future! We have been fortunate enough to have been covered on several televised programs. Check out some of our favorites below to learn more!

Georgia Traveler’ at Hunter Cattle Co.

Georgia Traveler spent time on the farm and featured Hunter Cattle Co. in this episode.

Hunter Cattle – Come Visit

Hunter Cattle has a wide variety of grassfed, organic meats as well as two loft rentals for the full farm experience!

Hunter Cattle Says ‘Thanks’

Hunter Cattle wants to thank the community for supporting its family farm over the years.

The Georgia Farm Monitor Visits with Hunter Cattle

Thanks to Rick Treptow and Georgia Farm Monitor for showing how HC is widely known for their incomparable grassfed beef. Since HC does it the right way (grassfed, grass-finished, never with any steroids, antibiotics, hormones), the meat is of the highest quality and taste. Here is a little more about HC and why they do it the way they do!

Hunter Cattle on ‘Eat It and Like It’ with Jesse Blanco

Jesse Blanco visits Hunter Cattle and highlights our delicious beef and even gets to test Del’s grilling technique.